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Companies of the Peiker family

ship in third generation

peiker has been very much a family-owned enterprise since the word go and it means a great deal to us to now be the third generation to continue this tradition. The next generation was brought on board early on in order to pave the way to the future. As such, the companies of the Peiker family cooperate on a variety of inter-company projects under the auspices of peiker Holding.

„We maintain the business tradition of the Peiker family. In addition to sustainable planning, this sometimes also calls for a degree of courage“
Carina Peiker


A diverse

peiker Holding and its cooperative partners are companies that like to be different. We are young, but are nevertheless an established SME. We are a start-up at heart, but with greater security. We have a flexible set-up, but always plan for the long term. We bring together innovative companies that work on forward-looking communication solutions for professional and individual users. We promote dialogue among the various teams, dictate the companies’ overarching strategy and are always on the lookout for people who share our passion and wish to make big things happen with us.


peiker cee CEECOACH



peiker CEE develops innovative communication systems for sport and industry: the CEECOACH range brings sportspeople together with top-quality sound – even in extreme conditions. Skiers and snowboarders can stay in touch with one another in deep snow, horse riding instructors can give their pupils direct assistance while riding and mountain bikers can maintain contact even over extended distances. This not only results in greater enjoyment, but also increases safety. Our team works closely with top athletes from various disciplines in order to put our products to the test under real conditions and make them as practical as possible. A new product line launched in 2018 is focusing on modern stable management and offers, for example, web-based data management software solutions.



We have major goals that go far beyond Germany’s borders. And to achieve these goals, we draw on a global sales network. The purpose of peiker International is to market our companies’ products and services, tap new markets and be a point of contact for our customers all over the world. The peiker International team also plays an important part in optimising our communication systems by collating and analysing customer feedback, expediting developments and coordinating with the sites in Germany.


fti engineering networks


Your vision.
Our solution.

Aviation is one of the most complex and exciting application areas for new technologies. FTI Engineering Network GmbH develops video security systems for various aviation applications worldwide. From cameras to video recording to intelligent data analysis, FTI's customers receive a complete solution tailored to their needs for use inside or outside the aircraft. As an EASA-approved design organization, FTI is able to integrate its own systems into an aircraft. In addition, FTI also offers design and certification services for various other aircraft modifications.

pei tel Mikrofon


Tools for

pei tel belonges to peiker since its foundation in 1991. This company develops and produces communication solutions for industry, authorities and long-distance transport services. The solutions are especially robust and are tailored to the specific conditions of the area of application in question. And the pei tel team sometimes chooses to buck the trend – in addition to microphones and speakers, the company offers a real alternative with M2M- and system products. And it does so with success because demand is high and pei tel products are used in many parts of the world.

Hofgut Liederbach Pferderesort


The five-star
resort for

The Peiker family runs one of the most state-of-the-art equestrian facilities in Germany – Hofgut Liederbach. The family acquired the facility at the beginning of 2015, since when it has given it a thorough overhaul, from the ground surfaces to the horseboxes. The aim was to create a unique place of retreat for humans and the animals. The five-star resort for horses now boasts an exclusive and informal atmosphere, first-class instructors and an extensive training portfolio for all age groups. The equestrian facility located just outside of Frankfurt even has its own tournament – the Skyline Cup, which debuted successfully in 2017.



With us, success is a team sport. At peiker, you can look forward to all sorts of innovative projects and a strong team that will help you realise your ideas. 

We look forward to meeting you!