pei tel presents new PMR system solution and enhancements

One device that has many potential applications: With the PTVoiceBox, pei tel Communications GmbH, which is based in Teltow near Berlin, now offers an M2M and IoT module for voice and data transmission as a retrofittable solution. It can be used, among other things, to fully integrate voice telephony into an existing system. The advantages of the PTCarPhone series, a line of professional car telephones with extended telematics performance features, can thus be used to their full extent in other systems. If desired, a handset can be connected as well. pei tel Communications GmbH will showcase the PTVoiceBox for the first time at the PMRExpo, the leading European trade fair for professional mobile radio and control rooms, from 27 to 29 November 2018 in Cologne, Germany. First application examples can be viewed and tested at booth F03. 

“By linking two or more independently developed systems, we are able to achieve a more extensive functional spectrum and can thus position ourselves even more broadly on the PMR systems market,” says Thomas Martin, Managing Director of pei tel. In addition to the PTVoiceBox, the company is presenting numerous further developments of already proven products at the PMRExpo. These include two new versions of its handsets. The model HA10 is now also available with a steel-sheathed cable as well as an additionally reinforced earpiece and is therefore even more vandal-resistant. The new handset HA11 EVO has a splash-proof housing in accordance with the protection rating IP 54 and can therefore also be used outdoors. Both handsets are suitable for critical (safety-/security-related) communication, for example, for railway and fire service employees.

The HA10, a handset with thumb guard, one button and cradle, is used, for example, in transmitting facilities and for public address systems in mobile and stationary applications and as such is often publicly accessible. For the purpose of avoiding damage caused by vandalism, the previously installed spiral cable was replaced by a sturdier, steel-armoured cable in the new version. In addition, the housing of the earpiece was reinforced in a way that will prevent it from breaking apart even with the use of force. The use of the HA11 is not restricted to enclosed areas. The new version, the HA11 EVO, has now been equipped with a splash-proof housing in accordance with the protection rating IP 54, thus allowing the use of the handset out of doors even in rainy weather. “The demand for highly resistant products has increased dramatically in the past. We try to meet this demand now by providing special modifications which are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers,” Martin explains. 

Currently, also many of the gooseneck and handheld microphones with the dynamic microphone capsule are undergoing modification. They are being provided with a newly developed microphone capsule which helps to reduce electromagnetic interference to a considerable extent. In addition, all microphones, hand microphones and microphone heads with black metal housings have now been equipped with a new powder coating. This coating not only resists sweat from the hands but also significantly reduces the risk of contagion through the transmission of bacteria, germs, viruses and fungi. The new powder coating is also substantially more resistant to scratches and shocks and thus gives the microphones, hand microphones and microphone heads considerably more visual appeal for users as well.  “Interested parties are welcome at our stand at the PMRExpo at any time. We will be pleased to explain where our solutions can be used and are always ready to accommodate individual modification requests,” Martin emphasises.