pei tel donates to Teltow Regional Museum of Industry

Giving back to the local community: pei tel Communications GmbH, based in the city of Teltow, Brandenburg, has donated 1,000 euros to the industrial museum also based in the city. CEO Thomas Martin has now presented a symbolic check to Lothar Starke and Norbert Gölitzer, both of whom are on the museum’s board. The donation is part of a long-term cooperative initiative launched between the two organizations last year. Alongside financial support, plans also call for pei tel to provide exhibits and offer support for informational events and plant tours, as well as internship and apprenticeship positions.

“The events hosted by the museum of industry are increasingly popular. This is a highly positive development, but it also presents us with new challenges,” says Lothar Starke, a member of the museum’s board. The talks in particular have been very well attended recently, but with audiences growing, speakers have been having more and more difficulty communicating loudly enough for everyone to hear. To help with this issue, the donation from pei tel will be used to buy a sound system, among other things. The museum’s chairman views support from local companies as being essential. “We rely on financial and material support from others, so we’re delighted to receive the donation from pei tel,” Starke explains.

The mission of the Teltow Regional Museum of Industry (Industriemuseum Region Teltow) is to provide information on the emergence and development of the manufacturing industry in the city of Teltow and the surrounding area. An exhibition and various events are aimed at generating interest among young people in particular in technical matters, working with advanced technology, and thus also technical professions and study disciplines. Next year’s overarching theme will be “The Digital World.” A special exhibition featuring this theme is scheduled to open at the museum on January 26, with a working production line on display as a special highlight showing digitized manufacturing processes.

Thomas Martin, views the company’s support for the industrial museum as an important way to give back to the local community. “We’ve been based in Teltow for 27 years, and we feel a deep connection with our town and the surrounding area, so giving back to important institutions in the region goes without saying for us,” he says. In addition to its support for the industrial museum, pei tel also helped lifesaving organization DLRG Berlin-Lichtenberg equip its new boat with communication devices this year. The company provided the local group with a phone from the current PTCarPhone 5 series, a DHL1/R type loudspeaker, and a TM110 microphone. All of these devices were developed and produced by pei tel itself. The communication technology helps the organization’s volunteers help people who run into trouble on, in, and around the water. There are further plans for pei tel to support important institutions in the local area next year as well: “We will be glad to continue supporting nonprofit projects that help the local community where we can,” Martin says.