PMRExpo 2018: pei tel introduces new powder coating

It isn’t always possible to ensure adequate hygiene when using communication equipment. With this in mind, pei tel Communications GmbH, based in the city of Teltow (near Berlin), has now equipped its microphones, hand microphones, and microphone heads with black metal housings with a new powder coating. The coating is resistant to sweat from the hands, but that isn’t all. It also significantly reduces the risk of contagion through transmission of bacteria, germs, viruses, and fungi. The new powder coating is also substantially more resistant to scratches and shocks. pei tel Communications GmbH will be showing the modified microphones, hand microphones, and microphone heads at booth F03 at the PMRExpo event in Cologne from November 27 to 29.

“Communication equipment used in professional settings is often used by more than one person, with multiple users. In these cases, it’s good to know you don’t have to worry about hygiene,” says Thomas Martin, CEO of pei tel. The products that have been given the new powder coating include microphones for stationary and mobile uses and for special applications. The highly sturdy, durable hand microphones feature a range of button configurations and are also designed for use in harsh environments. The devices are available with both dynamic and electret microphone capsules, and the product line also includes water-resistant hand microphones. The highly rugged, very versatile microphone heads were designed for mechanical connections with goosenecks and other mounts.

Aside from the hygiene aspect, another advantage of the new powder coating is its particular scratch and shock resistance. Devices used in professional settings often have to stand up to tough demands, and that can show up in discoloration, deformation, and scratches. The new powder coating is impressive in this regard as well, giving the microphones, hand microphones, and microphone heads considerably more visual appeal for users as well. PMRExpo attendees can see the modified devices for themselves at booth F03 in Cologne from November 27 to 29. pei tel Communications GmbH will also be showcasing numerous other products from its wide range of communication solutions, including a new splash-proof handset, new microphone capsules that are resistant to disruption by magnetic fields, and system solutions such as the new voice and data modules in the “PTVoiceBox” series, which are ideally suited to use in M2M (machine-to-machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) applications.