WheelTug PLC to provide pilots 360 dregree view

WheelTug Vision™ Aircraft Camera System Announced

Numerous automobiles come with cameras that assist their drivers when reversing. Why don't commercial aircraft offer pilots the same capability? WheelTug plc are pleased to announce the introduction of WheelTug Vision (WTV), a new camera sensor system for aircraft. Developed in cooperation with several partners, WTV will serve as a highly useful complement to the company's WheelTug® electric taxi system.

WTV will offer pilots excellent situational awareness during ground manoeuvres, especially in congested ramp areas. WTV will provide a 360° view from cameras and sensors mounted on the aircraft and display it on the Electronic Flight Bag used by pilots. This full-field display will reduce the likelihood of accidents and their attendant injuries, costs, and delays.
This is the first such solution available for commercial aviation, and it will significantly improve the efficiency of aircraft ground operations. More and more airlines now realize that in today's market, improving ground operations can result in a true competitive advantage.

Two industry partners will certify and supply WTV in accordance with WheelTug requirements. Dresden Aerospace AG and FTI Engineering Network GmbH are joining to provide one product, and GKN Fokker Services have agreed to offer a second system. Demonstrator units from both companies will be on display later this year at a presentation co-hosted by WheelTug and Air Transat, the WheelTug launch customer.

WheelTug will offer WTV as an option alongside its WheelTug e-taxi system, which is currently under certification for the Boeing 737NG aircraft family. Entry into service for both WTV and WheelTug e-taxi is expected in 2019. Airlines continue to show strong interest in WheelTug, as more than 20 airlines worldwide – including three just this year - have now reserved nearly 1,100 delivery positions for WheelTug. Isaiah Cox, WheelTug CEO, comments: “We are excited to work with such renowned industry partners on a technology that we see as a great multiplier of our e-taxi solution. Airlines will benefit greatly from more efficient ground operations and the other benefits unlocked by WheelTug and WTV. We see daily that ramp areas are a bottleneck at many airports, and the significant safety and efficiency improvements WheelTug will provide are long overdue. We look forward to bringing our solutions to the aviation market soon.”

About WheelTug plc
Based in Gibraltar, WheelTug plc are developing the WheelTug aircraft electric drive system. The WheelTug system consists of high-performance electric motors installed in the nose gear wheels of an aircraft. These motors provide full mobility and enhanced autonomy to an aircraft on the ground.